Thursday, November 30, 2006


What Should the Fossil Record Look Like?

A great way to test the TOE is to think backwards and do a mental experiment showing what the fossil record should look like if evolution indeed did bring about the species that appear on earth today. If you do that, you will soon note that the fossil record does not at all back up evolution. There should be fish with gradually protruding arms and legs over hundreds of thousands of years.. There should be skulls with small dents that grew larger and larger to accommodate the evolution of the eye. There should be skulls that show gradually enlarging ear canals. There should be birds that show gradually lengthening wings, and we should have an idea of when the first birds took flight. There should be a plethora of fossils that show these changes. We should be able go to the Field Museum in Chicago and view samples of all of these fossils that clearly show the steps to evolution. Then, evolution could be called a real science. But, in reality, evolution takes fossils that do not at all show the changes that are required for proof, and pretend like they do. Evolutionists cite the changes in color of a moth population as a current proof of evolution. The lichens on the trees that the moths frequented changed color from white to black, due to smoke coming from local factories. The moth majority also changed from white to black, due to the fact that birds ate the white ones, as they were easier to see. Sorry, but this is not a proof of evolution of species at all. Nor is the increasing resistance of bacteria to an antibiotic a proof of evolution, as is cited by evolutionists. The least resistant die, the more resistant live and reproduce. This is explained by a simple mathematics, and is in no way proof of evolution of species.

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