Thursday, December 07, 2006


What Should be Taught in Schools

Science classes are no place for religious, philosophical, or belief systems. That is why teachings from religious books should be left to parents, religion and philosophy classes, and churches. The same is true of Darwinian evolution, which is no more than a belief system. It is not objective science, and it should not be taught as such. The fossil record, current accepted biological timelines, the scientific origins of earth, solar system, and universe (Big Bang), the fact that species are truly related genetically and biologically are provable objective science with good back up evidence. Biological timelines should say when species “appeared” not that they “evolved” or were “created”. Figments of people’s imaginations, cartoon drawings showing speciation, and fake evidence should be expunged from science texts. Biological sciences need to become objective and purely scientific, which would, of course, be a giant leap. Real science should teach: “We cannot at this time discern why the Big Bang occurred, why it occurred when it did, how life began on earth, or how species happened to appear. But here is the evidence that we have so far:”
If biologists give up Darwin, the great concern is that Adam and Eve and a 4,000 year old earth will creep into science classrooms. Creationism and religious teachings should be absolutely banned from school teaching. Evolutionists are too focused on fighting Adam and Eve, and Darwin is their only weapon. They are desperate to keep Darwin going because if they lost evolution, they would have nothing to battle Biblical creation.

Evidence for intelligence in nature is overwhelming. Even the most radical evolutionist would have to admit that. Eyes, hearts, and lungs cannot be copied by the greatest engineering minds in the world. However, the source of this intelligence cannot be found scientifically, so ID should also not be taught in science classrooms. Both Darwin and ID would be good subjects for philosophy classes. The advantage of doing this would be not only to give students a real objective look at our origins, but also open the door to real scientific research that would give science a new look at other possibilities for the origin of species. It would also eliminate any more ridiculous court battles between evolutionists and creationist-ID’ers that are so costly, and provoke so much hatred.

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