Thursday, December 07, 2006


Richard Dawkins and "The Blind Watchmaker"

Evolution is so much fun, because the proponents are so condescending to the non-believers, and they think they are so right. The proof of their fake science is nearly non-existent, but they act like there is bountiful proof. Thanks evolution for providing me with so much thoughtful fun. Whenever I think that I have no more to say about evolution, I read another evolution website, and, amazingly, there is more fodder to show how ridiculous TOE is. This is an excerpt ( about Richard Dawkins, famed evolution proponent, and writer of "The Blind Watchmaker", displaying his totally wishful thinking evidence for evolution: (My comments in italics.)
One improvement at a time

Quote: The pathway by which evolution can produce complex structures has been brilliantly (This is brilliant? See how one evolutionist pats the other on the back?) explained in The Blind Watchmaker by Richard Dawkins, a biologist at Oxford University. The essence of Dawkins’s explanation is simple. Given enough time (thousands of years) and material (millions of individuals in a species), many genetic changes will occur that result in slight improvements in a system or structure such as the eye. However slight that improvement, as long as it is genuine (Absolutely! It must be "genuine"!), natural selection will favor its spread throughout the species over several generations.

head of bird with large, blue-rimmed eye
Birds have highly
developed eyes, in
some ways even
more so than

Little by little, one improvement at a time, the system becomes more and more complex, eventually resulting in the fully functioning, well-adapted organ that we call the eye. The retina and the lens did not have to evolve separately because they evolved together. (Huh? How does he know? Steps from eyeless species to the first usable eyes are skipped, and in place of any kind of logical explanation, "thousands of years and millions of little changes" is inserted. The god of evolution is millions of years. Who can argue with that, since "millions of years" cannot be replicated in the lab? It's the perfect proof for evolution, as it cannot be substantiated.)

Evolution can be used as an explanation for complex structures if we can imagine (there we go again......."imagine" ) a series of small, intermediate steps leading from the simple to the complex. Further, because natural selection will act on every one of those intermediate steps, (Huh! How do they know?) no single one can be justified on the basis of the final structure toward which it may be leading. Each step must stand on its own (Absolutely!) as an improvement that confers an advantage on the organism that possesses it. Unquote
(That's is an order! It's not that it "did stand", or "stood". But it "must stand". The underlying psychology here is that the writer doesn't believe that it happened, so he will order it, then it will be true. This is common evolutionary phraseology.)

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