Thursday, December 07, 2006


Evolution Today

If Darwin's theory is true science, why are there no samples of ongoing evolution today? And, please don't bring up the change in color of a species, bacteria becoming resistant to an antibiotic, or fleas that won't mate with other fleas as an example. That is not the kind of evolution that would bring about sight, hearing, or pumping blood. Of the trillions of fish in the ocean, aren't there any that would like to move to land to avoid man's hooks and larger predators? Where are the fish with gradually growing legs today, or animals with hemi-ping-pong ball eyes? Why is it that evolution only happens when no one is looking? Why are all fossils that would prove evolution in the "not found yet" category? For evolution to be true, we should be living in a world prolific with examples. We should see an ongoing miraculous overwhelming biological phenomena, prevalent everywhere. It isn't.

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