Thursday, December 07, 2006


My Scenario for Heart/Eye Evolution

This is my scenario for how the TOE evolved a the heart and eye:

3500-2800 mya: One celled animals float in the oceans.
1500-600 mya: Two cells stick together, and become the king of the beasts, easily dominating the one celled animals.
1500-600 mya: Three cells stick together, and dominate one and two celled animals.
600 mya On and on until thousands of cells stick together and eat up on littler weaker less-fit animals with less cells.
595 mya: Multi-thousand celled animals start having trouble with their inner cells dying for lack of oxygen. Some sort of pump must evolve to get oxygen to the inner cells!
592 mya: The throat gene duplicates itself, mutates and two little tube/sacs form from mesoderm cells. The cells don't know what a pump is, but survival of the fittest and mutations can figure that out. Natural selection and adaption helps out too! What an evolutionary team!
591 mya: For some unknown reason, life with tube/sacs eats up on life without a tube/sacs (survival of the fittest).
580 mya: The tube/sacs grow bigger over millions of years, of course.
578 mya: The tube/sacs begin to close so someday they can pump blood. The tube/sacs grow muscle in the walls by mutations or natural selection.
575 mya: When the tube/sacs are nearly closed, valves evolve by survival of the fittest, which open and close to let blood in and out. Oops, there is no blood!
571 mya: Blood evolves with RBC's that can suck up oxygen, and platelets too! Natural selection adds WBC's to help fend off bad one celled animals and viruses.
569 mya: Oops, there is no way to get the blood to the inner cells of the animal. Blood vessels evolve.
568 mya: Now there is no way to get oxygen to the blood. Lungs evolve by mutation and survival of the fittest.
562 mya: A nerve evolves to the brain so the brain can cause the heart to pump blood with perfect timing, one beat per second. (Oops, there is no second because there are no clocks.) Survival of the fittest decides to wait and let future generations evolve clocks. It will just estimate. "One one-thousand, two one-thousand...."
561 mya: The heart nerve tries to find the brain, but, it can't. Damn, there is no brain. Mutations evolves a brain to operate the pump and move the blood in pump-like fashion. See how mutations and survival of the fittest work together?
559 mya: The animal species now has a complete heart-lung system, and it now will eat up on all the life that doesn't.
555 mya: The new king of the beasts has light sensitive cells! Little cups form around the light-sensitive cells. Now it can really survive, and find food. The little cups start enlarging!
551 mya: The cups grow around and seal to pinholes. Hey, it's a pinhole camera! There is now an image on the retina (evolved by mutations, of course). Might as well also mutate a nerve to the new brain. Might be able to see something. The animal doesn't know what "seeing" is, but, who knows, it might be fun!
550 mya: Animals are so excited because they can see images! The first animal that sees go nuts with excitement. Next, evolution invents an adjustable lens so it can see far and near! WOW! It can now find meals, and can run or fly away from predators. Except...............

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