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My Conversation With Evolution Believers

I wrote the following paragraph on YouTube. I got the following responses from reasoned evolution believers. Pretty amazing........
Darwin's ideas are absolute BS.You have to believe in miracles to go for this sucker deal. A heart/lung/blood vessel/blood/nerve/brain system cannot possibly evolve in small steps. Adam and Eve are the same; pure fantasy. It is not possible that species arrived by either scenario. Why does Dawkins (atheist/evolutionist speaking on think that if you don't believe in Darwin, you must believe religion did it. Time to look somewhere else!

Neely005 (1 week ago)
Read a book on evolution, then come back and apologize for your ignorance.

stevebee92653 (1 week ago)
I used to be a sucker believer like you. I did read and study evolution and cosmology. Sorry, but there are just so many things that can't possibly evolve in small steps that it is ridiculous. People like you believe this nonsense because lots of people do, not because it makes any sense. The god of evolution is "millions of years" the prophet is Darwin; no different than religions. Read it yourself, and do some independent thinking, rather than just believing.

clerihew12 (1 week ago)
Brilliant satire of creationsts' attempts at turning the argument back on the evolutionists. "I used to be a sucker believer" - Hilarious! "People like you believe this nonsense because lots of people do" - cheeky! "The God of evolution" - OK, this one is rather trite. "Do some independent thinking" - LOL!

Anyway, way to go, buddy! Excellent lampooning! Can you imagine how stupid someone would have to be to actually posit this as legitimate criticism? Ha Ha!

stevebee92653 (1 week ago)
Cler: What in my writing could possibly make you think I am a creationist? I guess your brain hasn't evolved enough to think clearly and logically. Way to go buddy. You are a typical evolution sucker. You make huge conclusions out of nothing.

clerihew12 (1 week ago)
Going against both creationism and evolution is pretty shrewd. You make yourself out to be an independent thinker, an anti-establishment rebel, etc. and you don't have to risk anything to do so. By simply rejecting everything, you don't suffer the inconvenience of committing to anything. From this smug vantage point, you get to accuse everybody else of being a "sucker."

If you can offer a plausible alternative to evolution, I'd love to hear it.

Showboat84 (2 days ago)
No difference between religion and evolution? Are you really that ignorant? Evolution is based on scientific evidence, and the reason that Dawkins and millions of others believe in it is because it is the best explanation of how we got here that currently exists. Religion is not based on evidence or testable hypotheses. If you seriously believe that the two are comparable then i would take a good look at those study materials of yours.

stevebee92653 (2 days ago)
Evolution is based on millions of layers IMAGINATION, not science, EXACTLY the same as religion. If evolution were real, it would be all over the place today. You would still see fish crawling out of the oceans. Why did it only occur when no one could see it? Kinda like Moses getting the ten commandments. No one could see the event, but lots of believers out there. No diff.

clerihew12 (2 days ago)
You jackass, evolution IS happening all around us today. It's just happening very gradually. Nature isn't obligated to provide your feeble mind with dramatic instances like fish crawling out of the oceans (which you wouldn't notice anyway, since it's an exceedingly rare occurrence).

Evolution is based on observation. If you can't see it, or aren't willing to see it, then that's your loss.

stevebee92653 (1 day ago)
Why is it that ev believers are so quick to call doubters names? Is it that you can't argue intelligently due to your brain not sufficiently evolving? Fish crawling out of the oceans is a non-occurrence. Not in the fossil record, not happening today. But, keep BELIEVING, and never think on your own! Keep looking "all around us". Let me know if you find anything!

clerihew12 (1 day ago)
Listen, ass-clown, evolution is an ongoing process. It is happening right now, it is always happening. Just because something is not in the fossil record doesn't mean it didn't happen. Just because you didn't see something doesn't mean it didn't happen. Cut this bullshit about evolutionists being brainwashed, it's laughable.

I call you names because you deserve to be called names. What's more, you'll take it and like it.

carsonofmars (2 days ago)
Hey, you are one bright guy! I guess you went to a good school, attended all your lessons and did your homework on time too! Please don't disapoint me and say, no, you're just another dumb idiot! Heart/lung/eye, whatever... can't evolve in small steps? Are you really stupid or is this a joke?

stevebee92653 (2 days ago)
If you are so goddamm smart, let me know how a heart/lung set can evolve. You can't, and neither can fake evolution scientists like Dawkins. Ev "scientists" say a throat gene mutated and copied itself and formed another throat that turned into a heart. If you can believe this, you can believe ANYTHING. What would it pump, Kool-Aid? How did it "grow" vessels,connect to the brain? Where did the blood come from. Obviously you are a believer, so writing this is a useless effort.

Showboat84 (1 day ago)
Of course i can't tell you because evolution wasn't a one day event. It's a continual process that has happened over billions of years. It's funny how you're quite happy to criticise existing theories without offering your own. Just because you don't have the capacity to understand something doesn't mean it couldn't have happened.

stevebee92653 (1 day ago)
If it's a continual process, where is it today? Non-existent. Darwin's theory is not possible. (Of course neither is religion's.) I used to be a believer in Darwin. Afer doing a great deal of studying and seeing the bullshit, I have absolutely no idea how "it" began. On that note, I am a dumb idiot, like you said. And you are a blind faith believer. I would rather be a dumb idiot. I can think on my own.

clerihew12 (1 day ago)
I told you, you stupid clown, evolution is observable even today. You just don't want to see it because you're an obtuse pain in the ass. I question the quality of your "studying." You have "absolutely no idea how 'it' began?" Well, do some more studying!

I'm glad you agree with me. You are a dumb idiot. Enjoy your "independent thinking" (excuse me while I collapse in hysterical laughter)...

stevebee92653 (1 day ago)
Are you hallucinating? Where is it today? A moth that changes color? Bacteria that are not sensitive to Penicillin? That's what Dawkins would say is today's evolution. You question my "studying", but not what evolution fakes tell you? I'm glad you know how life began as you are the only one in world who does, beside the religious. So keep believing! Adios. You are not worth my time.

clerihew12 (1 day ago)
"A moth that changes color," "bacteria that are not sensitive to Penicillin" - what's wrong with these examples? These are perfectly compelling instances of natural selection. No wonder you won't accept evolution. It's staring you right in your moronic face and you dismiss it. Why? I don't know, maybe because you're a giant asshole?

stevebee92653 (1 day ago)
The moth and bacteria are examples of evolution that would produce hearts, lungs, and eyes? Right! I believe that! Makes sense to me. I believe that as much as I believe in the big invisible man in the sky. And, please keep up with the great array of names that you have called me. You seem so intelligent!

clerihew12 (1 day ago)
Who said anything about moths and bacteria producing organs? What the fuck is wrong with you? Do you not understand English? Or are you just retarded?

clerihew12 (1 day ago)
Don't flatter yourself, pal. If one can draw conclusions from your posts, your time is worthless. Worse than that, it's deleterious to humanity as a whole. Please, do us all a favor, and kill yourself!

stevebee92653 (1 day ago)
Me critically looking at "evolution science" is deleterious to HUMANITY AS A WHOLE? WOW! That's the greatest compliment I have ever had. Really. I had no idea that I was that important. Thanks!
clerihew12 (1 day ago)
If you're desperate for "compliments," there's plenty more where that came from...

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