Thursday, December 07, 2006


Of Insects and Bird Nests

Another impossible "mind experiment" regarding Darwinian evolution: the evolution of insects. Life formed in the oceans and waterways of the early earth. Water-based organisms eventually evolved into the many thousands (millions?) of species that represent early underwater fauna. Some of these early animals supposedly had need to leave their watery environment, and try their luck and health on land, so they evolved legs. They eventually became land-based animals. Try to imagine how these early amphibious animals eventually evolved into ants, fleas, tics, mosquitoes, daddy long legs, etc. I am sorry, but this represents just another impossibility of evolution. It could not have happened.
Silly as it may seem, bird nests offer another item in nature that is not evolvable. It is not possible to imagine how bird evolution wound up with a tightly woven, perfectly engineered nest. Did one bird take two twigs and weave them together, then the next generation took four twigs, then the next five, and on and on for thousands of years until a full nest evolved? Try that thinking with spider webs. A spider, or spider precursor, had to fully evolve a functioning fully web-making organ before the first string of the first web could be constructed. How would evolution "know" that by evolving a web-making organ, millions of years later webs would result for the trapping of insects? Webs and birdnests are not evolvable either. Sorry Darwin. You are not at all a possible choice for how species formed.

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