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Just a Note for Evolutionists that May Read this Blog

Humans, and all animal species, are incredibly engineered machines; thousands of times more complex and better engineered than any device on the planet. We have servo-motors (muscles) that move rods (ligaments) that in turn move ball and socket joints (hip, mandible). We have an incredibly complex and efficient pump (heart), a pair of digital cameras that produce 3D (eyes), miniature sound speakers (ears); and on and on. The one thing that makes us different from an incredibly engineered robot is LIFE; that we are alive. Life separates us from robots. And, life is the one thing that separates evolutionists from being able to see intelligence in the universe. NOT religion, but intelligence; there is a big difference here. If we were functioning and not “alive”, and were constructed of plastic and metal, and an “evolutionist” could observe us, he would have to admit that we are the result of an intelligence beyond imagination. And the amazing thing is that evolutionists have absolutely no idea how life formed, and they are completely unable to duplicate life in the laboratory.

Just a Note for Evolutionists that May Read this Blog: The earth and solar system, by all good scientific evidence, appear to be 4.5 billion years old. The biological time-line given by biologists for the appearance of species certainly looks scientifically accurate. There appears to have been some minor evolution that has taken (takes) place. I have absolutely no idea how species came into existence, and I don’t promote any solution to that great and fascinating puzzle. This blog is only interested in scientific and objective discourse. Origins of species is an incredible subject, but it is also a useless science. No cures for disease or mechanical marvels will be produced by it. In reality, few people spend much time thinking about it. I am one of the few who do. I find it immensely fascinating, thought provoking, and fun. I am bothered that evolution is taught in schools as if it is a lock, that pseudo-intellectual evolutionists treat those that are not believers condescendingly, that if a person is a non-believer in the TOE most evolutionists think that person must believe in Adam and Eve, and that evidence is bent to make TOE look like real science. That is why I am writing this log. I am starting with this note so that any evolutionists that may read this blog will know where I am coming from, and if they comment, hopefully will keep this in mind.

If evolution can come up with real instead of imaginary evidence, I will be the first to step up and be a full supporter like I was a few years ago. What I do think is that nature is unbelievably intelligent. There is no scientific evidence for the source of that intelligence, so my thinking goes no farther. Please keep your comments within the scope of this blog. If you want to challenge my thinking or any section, please feel free. If you do challenge, please place your comment below the page you are challenging, and note the paragraph. I don’t want to debate about Creationism, ID, if there is a God, invisible guys in the sky, any religious beliefs, or angels or fairies. So please leave those off of your comment list. Also, I promote independent thinking. I have seen and read most pro-evolution sites, and many anti-evolution sites, and I pretty much know what they say. So, please do your own thinking and challenging, and don’t forward any links. Thanks

The pages of this blog are placed in chronological order, and are composed of my thoughts and experiences with evolutionists as they come, so no need to read in any particular order.

"Origins of species is an incredible subject, but it is also a useless science. No cures for disease or mechanical marvels will be produced by it."

Actually, there is at least one useful application for evolutionary theory - evolutionary computation. Computer simulations of fast evolution are used to solve real-world problems. Here are a bunch of books about it:

It's a very interesting subject
I am familiar with "computer evolution" programs, but unfortunately they are useful only as a pseudo-proof of a pseudo-science. They are not helpful outside of the world of evolution at all.
All you have essentially said is that you really don't understand evolution and that you reject what you don't understand.

Read some real books on the science of evolution. Also, you demonstrated you don't know the difference between the Theory of Evolution and the (if I may coin a phrase) the Fact of Evolution. Evolution is a fact. The Theory of Evolution (like all theories) explains the fact(s) and makes predictions that can be tested.

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